White Light Sun, May 2nd 2013


A lovely evening with the sun getting low to the horizon (I knew I should have built the obsy walls a little lower). Anyway, an awful lot of atmospheric disturbance around the suns edge (probably caused by viewing just over the top of the obsy wall),one quick 1000 frame AVI taken wth th DMK 21AU04.AS through the little Megrez 72 using the Baader Herschel wedge. Used 800 frames and stacked in Registax.

sun_3-_04_130001 18-35-06

Not too happy with how this one has turned out, better luck next time I suppose.  Just noticed, if you are comparing this with the previous 2 days images, this one has not been inverted (used Registax not AVIStacker for this one).

Thanks for looking, Steve