Supernovae 2013am in M65


I was thinking it must be a year since doing any deep sky images, but when I’ve just checked there it was 28th August 2011, 20 months ago, since using the SX-VR H36 camera. Supernovae 2013am was discovered by M Sugano of Japan on the 21st March this year at Mag 16.1.

Imaged through Meade 12″ LX200R using an SX-VR H36 mono camera utilising a SX-AO-LF adaptive optics unit. I managed to get a very good guide star onto the OAG using this setup which allowed a guide time of 0.1 seconds. The sky conditions and light breeze kept the adaptive optics unit extremely busy. Image is a composite of 5×90 second exposures (to try and keep a little core detail) and 25×180 second light images. To calibrate I took 15 darks for each exposure time, 15 bias images and 15 flats. Imaging was orchestrated through Maxim DL (see screenshot below). Imaged cropped to remove artifacts in the image as a result of a bad set of flats.


Images were stacked using DSS and processed with SkyTools 1.3.3 and finished with Photoshop CS3. Thanks for looking.