Sunspot AR1569 15th September 2012


I’m amazed I’ve managed to get any image at all today.  A couple of days ago the secondary mirror baffle and the collimation housing parted slightly on my SCT during a quick dusting of the scope.  I spent this morning removing, cleaning and replacing the corrector plate (which had slipped over time anyway due to compression of the cork spacers) and making good the connection between the secondary baffle and collimation unit.  Anyway, all’s well that ends well.  Got everything back together and the instrument is performing considerably better now following an extensive collimation with a Hotech SCT collimator.

Seeing was poor this afternoon with a constant haze, imaged sunspot AR1569 through 12″ Meade SCT @f10 using a dmk camera with Baader solar and continuum filters as well as an IR/UV block.  Processed using AVI stack.

Thanks for Looking,