Sunspot AR1520 15th July 2012


Finally after what seems an eternity, just over a month to be exact, I’ve managed to get out and get an image of some sort this morning.

Battling against the wind though, I’ve set the 12″ LX200R back in the observatory and used that this morning to do some full disc work (to follow) and a closeup of sunspot AR1520 (and friends).

AR1520 image taken with an Imaging Source DFK 21AU618.AS colour camera set to capture in greyscale with a Baader solar continuum and IR/UV blocker. Telescope was a 12″ LX200R SCT @ f6.3 with a full aperture Baader solar film filter. Processed in registax and tweaked in PS. Final image was 400 frames from 2000.

Thanks for looking, Steve