First processing in a while. While the nights are very short in Northern England this time of year, I’ve decided to utilise the iTelescope Network (I was a member many years ago) to generate some data to get back into processing etc.

The image below of NGC5128, the Centaurus A galaxy was imaged using the following:

OTA: Planewave 17″ CDK  Optical Design: Corrected Dall-Kirkham Astrograph 

Aperture: 431mm. Focal Length: 2912mm. F/Ratio: f/6.8 

Guiding: External  Mount: Paramount PME

The imaging system used was a FLI Proline PL4710 camera utilising L,R,G & B filters. % subs in each filter @ 120 seconds. Registered and integrated in Pixinsight and final tweaks with Photoshop.

Really looking forward to getting my own obsy up and working for the autumn season.

Thank for looking, Steve