Nebulosity around Gamma Cygni


Gamma Cygni in the constellation of Cygnus has the traditional name Sadr (Arabic word for “chest”). As the constellation of Cygnus lies on the plane of the milky way, there is a lot of bright nebulosity (especially in Ha) and a lot of dark dust to silhouette against the nebulosity nearby.

Image was taken using my Pentax 75 and SX-VR H36 combination using an EQ6 pro mount. For guiding I used a Lodestar positioned on a SX OAG, and an SX filterwheel. A Baader 7nm Ha filter was used. Image was taken Evening of 23rd July.

Image is a simple 4 x 10 minute Ha exposures, calibrated with Flats, darks and bias. Data collection MaximDL and orchestrated with CCD Commander. Stacked in DSS and lightly processed in Adobe CS. After processing it looks like the focussing needs to be nailed a bit better

Next stage on this is to continue in Ha and produce a mosaic of the Cygnus area, now it’s possible to get a couple of hours darkness for Ha of an evening, I’ll make a start on it……