Jupiter & Io Transit, 2/2/2013


I thought I would have a go with the LX200R at f25 for a larger image so added a TeleVue 2.5x powermate to the imaging train. The DMK 21AU04.AS Mono used has no IR cut so I used an Astronomik UV/IR cut filter. The seeing was terrible during imaging tonight, this could be seen in the quality of image while collimating the scope at f25.

JUPITER 13-02-02 20-59-58

Image captured with IC capture (as supplied with DMK Cameras) and processed in Registax 6 with a few tweaks in CS3. Image is combined from 600 frames from 2000 taken. Io and her shadow can be seen on the face of Jupiter. These can be better seen on the image taken a little later at f10 (shown below).

JUPITER0001 13-02-02 21-14-07

Thanks for looking