Jupiter 1st January 2013


After spending the first hour or so of 2013 with my good lady doing a bit of stargazing with the old mk I eyeball and some binos, the afternoon delivered some beautiful crisp blue skies, and the temperature slightly higher than expected.  Although there appeared to be some very high level cloud, and an occasional “stiff” breeze, I decided to do some imaging of Jupiter.  I took the opportunity to have a play around with some of the settings in IC Capture to get a more optimal video for processing.

Captured using a DFK 21AU618.AS (which has inbuilt IR cut filter) taking 2000 frames at 30 fps.  Processed using AVIstack2, using 400 of the 2000 frames.  Scope used was a 12″ LX200R.



Scope needs a small tweak to the collimation, just happy to be out with the scope again, here’s to more scope action in 2013.

Thanks for looking, Steve