Jupiter 15-10-2011


Decided to have my occasional delve into the “dark art” of planetary imaging.  With Jupiter well placed locally for me at the moment, I decided to capture this magnificent object using a 12″ LX200R @f10, image captured with a Philips SPC 880 webcam (not preflashed) using Sharpcap software.

There was a lot of moisture in the air and the seeing was poor so focusing was difficult and attempts to operate at f25 proved too difficult.  1 minute AVI files taken at 30 frames per second.  Registax 6 used, image is 815 frames used from 1800 taken (95% quality threshold).  Following wavelet treatment in Registax, a few “tweaks” using Photoshop CS3 where used.

Forecast is good for tonight again, need to check collimation, and we’re ready to go again.  Looks like I need to take a little more care over the focus just to improve things.

Thanks for looking, Steve