Heart & Soul Nebula SHO


Thanks to the guys at iTelescope for releasing this data

18xRed Filter @ 300 secs, 11xBlue Filter @ 300 secs, 20xgreen @ 300 secs, 41xHa Filter @ 300 secs, 44xOIII Filter @ 300 secs, and 58xSII Filter @ 300 secs, which is a total of 192 images (49 wideband and 143 narrowband). This gives a total exposure time of 16 hours across all the filters.

These took a lot of processing in Pixinsight, but here’s the Hubble Pallet (SHO) version of the narrowband data. The SHO Hubble Pallet assigns SII to Red, Hydrogen Alpha to Green and OIII to Blue. From the image below we can see that the centre of the nebula are rich in OIII emissions and at the edges Hydrogen Alpha. The Heart Nebula shows emissions in SII wavelength around the nebula.

Heart and Soul Nebulas in Hubble SHO Pallet

This is the data from Red, Green and Blue filters presented in a traditional RGB Pallet. The Red channel is dominant in the nebulas which equates to the Hydrogen Alpha regions in the image above.

It’s nice to look at whether or not you are making progress in your imaging through time. Below is an image from over 12 years ago, taken at Kelling Heath with a friend of mine Steve Loughran. Although for the time this was excellent data and well processed, I think the processing conditions which can be brought with Pixinsight have moved my imaging on leaps and bounds.

Heart and Sould Nebula in Ha (Steve Loughran and Steve Devine)

Thanks for looking, Steve