November 11th 2019, a transit of mercury was visible across Wester Europe, Africa and the Americas, though from Cherrytree, we could view from 12:35 pm until sunset (around 16:00 ish).

The weather on the day was awful, high winds and patchy clouds. In total the sun was visible for about 10 mins total on and off allowing some images to be attained. One clear image is shown below, with technical details below.

Mercury Transit 11th November 2019
Mount:Skywatcher SolarQuest
Telescope:Lunt LS60THa/B1200CPT
Camera:ZWO ASI 178MM USB 3.0 Mono Camera
Capture rate:3096×2020 @ 8bit Mono
Stacked:AutoStakkert 3
Frames: AVI file 250 from 1000 frames
Processed:Photoshop CC

A more typical image taken was:

Mercury Transit, a cloudy day

Here’s a video shared from NASA on Youtube. Video displays outputs in different wavelengths from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Orbiter sun observatory in space.

Thanks for looking.