Eclipse March 20th 2015


The weather didn’t totally spoil the eclipse on Tyneside, with gaps in the cloud allowing some photography to be done. A big thanks to my wife Ann on helping to get these images as well.

Images were taken using a Lunt LS60THa/B1200CPT 60mm H-alpha Telescope equipped with a Point Grey GS3-U3-28S4M-C. This combination gives a full disc on the chip (which is 1928 x 1448 pixels at 3.69 microns). AVIs were taken over 20 seconds at 26fps giving 520 frames. Stacking was done with Autostackert2 with wavelets applied in Registax 6.

The three images below were taken at 10:13, 10:28 and 11:00 respectively.



As you can see in the 11:00 image, there is a lot of activity on the sun at the moment during its solar maximum. Click on the 11:00 image to reveal an expanded zoomable image.

One final shot, just to show that timing is everything. As the skies were clearing at 10:10, we started shooting 20 second bursts of video every 1 minute. The third of these started about 2 seconds after an aircraft flew across the field of view perfectly dissecting the face of the sun. We did however pick up the con-trails from the aircraft, these can be see, along with the last of the wispy cloud in the image below.


Thanks for looking