An Image – At last


After a very poor winter season in terms of weather, health and problems with the observatory (following a large wasps nest requiring removal), finally got round to re-lining the obsy warm room, re-installed the mount etc, got it all polar aligned a couple of days ago, so thought I would celebrate by doing some imaging.

What looked like what was going to be a fantasticnight quickly deteriorated and the seeing became very poor, and it was clear there was a lot of high level moisture in the atmosphere, so I decided to seing round to the 6.5 day old moon and capture it using a SPC880 webcam (un-modded) and my Celestron ED80 Apo.

This was my first use of SharpCap software which was very easy to use and produced great results.  The skies look reasonably clear for tonight so hear’s to some more imaging later with something a little bigger!.